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"When Baden-Powell started the Scouting movement, he felt that any Scout who took the time and trouble to master skills should be rewarded for his effort. He gave to each Scout who passed certain tests a badge to wear on his uniform. It recognized the importance of what the Scout had done and let others know of his achievement. That is how the badge system started in Scouting." ~The Boy Scout Handbook

The long trail to Eagle is full of opportunities for a Scout to learn about himself, others, and the world around him. Along the trail he sets goals for himself and works towards them, all the while gaining invaluable knowledge that will aid him in his life. It takes determination and effort, but the rewards are great. The Scouts and Scouters listed below are those members of the troop who have achieved Scouting's flagship rank.

Eagle Scouts of Troop 237's Recent History

Eagle 1 Martin Maher 1982
Eagle 2 William Heegan 1986
Eagle 3 Robert Cunningham 1986
Eagle 4 Philip McKenna 1986
Eagle 5 Alfred Caccamo 1986
Eagle 6 Robert McDermott 1988
Eagle 7 James Rian Murphy 1988
Eagle 8 William Doherty 1990
Eagle 9 Roger Gaitan 1992
Eagle 10 Mark Amatrucola 1993
Eagle 11 Joseph Amatrucola 1993
Eagle 12 David Kirkpatrick 1994
Eagle 13 Keith Gilbride 1996
Eagle 14 John Petrie 1997
Eagle 15 Joseph SantaCroce 1997
Eagle 16 Robert Hubner 1997
Eagle 17 Mark Hubner 1998
Eagle 18 Nicholas Trovato 1999
Eagle 19 Ian Pinnavaia 1998
Eagle 20 Colin Pinnavaia 1998
Eagle 21 Anthony Pinnavaia, Jr. 1998
Eagle 22 Benjamin McCarthy 2000
Eagle 23 Daniel Petrie 2000
Eagle 24 Daniel SantaCroce 2000
Eagle 25 William Maloney 2001
Eagle 26 Phillip Caputo 2001
Eagle 27 William Carroll 2001
Eagle 28 Joshua Ferraiuolo 2002
Eagle 29 Peter Relyea 2003
Eagle 30 Justin Lussier 2003
Eagle 31 James Carroll 2003
Eagle 32 Robert Carroll 2003
Eagle 33 Christopher Plunkett 2005
Eagle 34 Michael Leopoldi 2005
Eagle 35 Anthony Caputo 2005
Eagle 36 Timothy Fay 2005
Eagle 37 Julian Williams 2007
Eagle 38 Thomas Kash 2007
Eagle 39 Michael Carroll 2007
Eagle 40 Matthew Woods 2007
Eagle 41 James Touhey 2007
Eagle 42 Ryan O'Loughlin 2007
Eagle 43 Brian Fay 2007
Eagle 44 Kyle LeClaire 2010
Eagle 45 David Carroll 2011
Eagle 46 Jason Wipper 2011
Eagle 47 Jack Brody 2012
Eagle 48 Nicholas Goldrosen 2012
Eagle 49 Justin Willson 2012
Eagle 50 Thomas Leopoldi 2012