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You remember. You were there! In Alpine that hot sweaty morning in Slater, or was it Buckhorn? Maybe it was that freezing morning at Spruce Pond, or was that at Pouch? The beautiful leaves at Sanita Hills, the time it was pouring at Kaufman. Maybe you remember our own cabin and leantos in New Jersey? Where did you go to summer camp? Was it Rock Hill, or Aquehonga? Maybe it was Ipetonga or Camp Brooklyn. Were you one of the lucky ones at the jamboree, or the World's Fair in Montreal? Did you meet at Holy Name or P.S. 154? Who was the Scoutmaster back then? Was it Kwcharski, Lindsey, DeMange, or maybe Cunningham? Do you remember breaking his chops? What about Cropsey and three fingered Willie, or the time the car broke down, or when you finally got First Class? Remember!

Those were great times in Scouting, and the best times in Scouting were, and still are, in Troop 237, Brooklyn Council. No one can ever re-create those memories you had, nor can they take them away. But what Herman Bungartz started in 1920 when he founded Troop 237 is going stronger now than ever before, and you can help make sure that many kids have similar memories to yours.

There is a different type of kid today, and there are different circumstances, both good and bad that exist and influence that kid. How many of these did you have to contend with as a boy: graffiti, drug abuse, AIDS, recycling, inflation, environmental awareness, computers, video games, both parents in the work force, single parent families, and child abuse?

The response to these challenges by many scout troops and other organizations is similar to the following: "We have no effect on them" or "The kids just don't care." However, Troop 237 is, as always in our finest traditions, taking the lead and setting the pace for Scouting today with our Alumni Association backing us all the way.