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Who Can Join Our Troop?

Boy Scout Troop 237 was founded in 1920, and serves the young men of the Park Slope and Windsor Terrace neighborhoods for the past 90 years. Boy Scout Troops are sponsored by existing institutions, usually schools, churches, or fraternal organizations to benefit the youth of the community. We are fortunate to have an excellent relationship with our Chartered Organization, Holy Name of Jesus Roman Catholic Church. Although this is a religious institution, the troop itself is non-sectarian, and is open to young men ages 11 to 17 (inclusive), of any faith, race or national origin, who will follow the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law.

What Do We Do?

A LOT! Our learning is done is a fun atmosphere where a Scout belongs to a team or patrol of members around his same age. Our program has something of interest to everyone: swimming, camping, sports, historic hikes, coin collecting, whitewater rafting, nature, rappelling, mountain climbing, first aid, environmental studies, electricity, home repairs, archery, cooking, community service, financial management, rifle shooting, sailing, metalwork, plumbing, physical fitness, acting, musical instruments, firefighting, radio communications, religious awards, 50 mile hikes, axmanship, backpacking, computers, woodcarving, model building, reptile study, astronomy, rowing, and canoeing. And that's just a sample!

Troop Meetings

Troop meetings happen each Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 PM where scouts learn and practice these skills, get involved in games and contests, have leadership opportunities and prepare for upcoming trips and events. Patrols also meet separately from the troop, usually twice a month at a patrol member's home. There, they complete advancement requirements and planning that's done at troop meetings.

The Outdoor Program and More

The outdoor experience allows a scout to develop responsibility and leadership by contributing as a member of the patrol team. Camping is also a lot of fun. We go on a weekend trip every month, using tents and cabins, depending upon the season. There are also special trips during the year, including a ski trip, canoeing trip and an historic trip such as Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, or Gettysburg. Older Scouts also plan high adventure trips including a 50 mile hike. All this is topped off by two weeks of summer camp when there's more fun and learning than you could possibly imagine.

We also have awards dinners periodically to recognize the achievements of our scouts. They are encouraged to earn the religious award of their faith and to pursue other special awards and activities, including Interpreter, World Conservation Award, Order of the Arrow, Historic Trails, Mile Swim, National Jamboree, Philmont Trek, National Youth Scholarship, and others.

We also operate the Windsor Terrace Scout Center, the only facility of its kind in New York City. Here, scouts can work on projects, use our shop, do homework on computers, or exercise in our great fitness center.

The Uniform

Members of Troop 237 wear the uniform of the Boy Scouts of America with pride. It is a great equalizer. You see, our uniforms are the same for all members, whether they are rich or poor, black or white, Hispanic or Scandinavian, Jewish or Muslim, sighted or blind, able-bodied or physically challenged. Our uniforms show our achievements, personal progress, and various responsibilities, as well as our common commitment to the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law

What Do We Do For You?

Foremost, we are developing high ideals and values in our scouts who will be tomorrow's leaders. That in and of itself is a worthwhile investment. But we don't stop there. In learning citizenship our scouts take a leading role in the community, caring for those less able, voicing our concern for the environment and neighborhood, and doing something about it. Our recent community service projects include:

  • cleaning Bartel Pritchard Square periodicly
  • painting fire hydrants & yellow lines on city sidewalks
  • cleaning Prospect Park's Maryland Monument
  • installing and repairing flagpoles
  • conducting drug abuse awareness campaigns
  • conducting food, clothing, and Toys for Tots drives
  • ongoing contribution to a food pantry (Scouting for Food)
  • recycling over 1000 Christmas Trees
  • promotion of recycling in Brooklyn
  • survey of Prospect Park for accessibility to the physically challenged
  • renovation and maintenance of homes for formerly homeless or incarcerated women with children
  • painting over graffiti in the schoolyard at our own expense
  • clean-up and recycling at the Ninth Avenue Fair
  • painting statues, fences, and general grounds maintenance at Holy Name
  • re-painting the church parking lot
  • constructing and installing recycling bins at Holy Name
  • conducting a Coats for Kids drive
  • creating a picnic and barbecue recreation area in Coney Island's Kaiser Park

As you can see, be participating and leading these activities, our scouts lean that you can make a difference for the betterment of the community.

Looking Ahead

Troop 237 works well because we do things bigger and better with one thing in mind - the Scouts. While some organizations give up, saying "the kids just aren't interested," we are constantly developing ideas and programs that keep scouts interested, even as they get older. We have most elements of the Scout Center complete, but there is still more ahead. Our aim is to provide a haven where scouts can go to develop their physical, mental and emotional well being ... a hang out that's cool, fun, and educational. Some projects in the future include:

  • completing the Center's ability to function as a NYC scout hospitality center for visiting scouts
  • completing the final additions to the Scout Fitness Center
  • creating a video production area for training, shows, and creativity
  • acquiring additional audio-visual equipment and slide projectors to support our goals
  • completing the toolshop for woodworking, metalwork, electronics, plumbing, & electricity
  • acquiring a computer engraver

What Does A Boy Get From Troop 237?

Most obviously, and importantly, fun. Everything else just comes as part of the package. The troop operation such as program goals, planning trips and activities, and advancement, is all done by the scouts themselves while the adults provide only guided discovery. Each scout learns responsibility by having a vote in what is done, who his leaders will be, and by having a chance to serve in several leadership roles. Each scout shares the work load (and fun) of his patrol, and is responsible for keeping in touch with his patrol leader. Members learn a tremendous amount about communicating, working with others, planning, setting goals, and sharing in leadership. Scouts also develop interests of their own and an awareness of the community and others.

Ultimately, a scout can achieve scouting's highest honor, the rank of Eagle Scout. Not only is this a recognition of leadership worldwide, but is also a culmination of many skills necessary to become a well-rounded person of good character. Scouting also offers scholarships of various types to be used for college education.

How Can You Help?

You can see we have a worthwhile program. Any person not currently involved has at least one of three things that can help us tremendously. They are time, talent or resources, and money.

We are always in need of adult leaders because the more there are, the less work there is, and the more enjoyable it becomes for everyone involved. If you've been involved before, that's great because you have some background. If not, don't worry because you won't have to go through it alone. All of our activities require at least two adults, and you'll be trained through both one on one and formal training. Don't let it sound overwhelming, because we go at your pace, and besides, this is fun for adults too!

Maybe you have a resource or knowledge that can help us in a "behind the scenes" way. In the past we have had help from travel agents, auto rental, auto insurance, real estate, attorneys, tradesmen, hardware and building suppliers, medical and clerical personnel, homemakers, tailors, ... you name it. We can always use drivers on trips and logistical support when you are able.

If you can't or don't have time for the above, like anything else, our program costs money. We have an Alumni Association that provides countless opportunities for kids to participate that would otherwise be unable. We are forever improving our program, and every little bit helps. Friends of 237 also provide funds to subsidize program costs. You can always purchase a piece of equipment that the troop needs, which will be named for whomever you wish.

We're Troop 237...We're Going Strong...We're Scouting in Action!

The Boy Scouts of America

For more information about Troop 237, or to offer your assistance, please contact us:

Boy Scout Troop 237
Windsor Terrace Scout Center
245 Prospect Park West
Brookyn, New York 11215

or visit us any Thursday meeting night between 6:30-8:00 PM

To find out more about the major support group of Troop 237:

Cedar Chips Alumni Association

please check out their
online brochure