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The creation of a shop is a work in progress. All of the work involved in transforming the basement storage rooms of the Holy Name Brothers' House into the Scout Center you are currently touring was done by members and friends of Troop 237. External contractors were not employed. Thus, the shop was born out of necessity, in which much of the construction needs for the Center were fulfilled. As Scouts and Scouters help create the Center, they simultaneously learn numerous skills in the shop.

shopdoor Shown here is the entrance to the shop as seen from the main Scout Room. This Dutch door was built in the shop by Scouts in 1991. Note the woodcarvings on the woodwork above the door. These are a few of the various neckerchief slides manufactured by the troop members and will be available for custom order when the shop is complete.
The radial arm saw was donated By Robert Dikun Esq. in 1992. It is used by under careful direction of qualified adult Scouters only and has been very useful in the creation of various instruction devices. shopsaw
shopback The construction of the Scout Center called for the acquisition of various tools some shown here. These are also used in creating training devices and support a myriad of merit badges including home repairs, wok work, woodcarving, plumbing, masonry, metalwork, electricity, electronics, pottery, drafting, leatherwork and woodcarving. The Alumni Association hopes to raise the funds needed to complete the shop in 1998.
Prior to 1991, the Scout room had no plumbing facilities whatsoever. A bathroom was installed in 1992 (Bruce Supply Corporation donated the lavatory) and the sinks for cleaning equipment we installed shortly thereafter. Keep in mind they are called slop sinks! shopsinks