Windsor Terrace Scout Center - Office Print

The Center's Administration Office provides a central location for coordinating all program, service, and administrative activities. In the office, records on everything from individual scout advancement to past program activities are kept.

officefront The Office was originally built in 1991 and was improved to create a computer and information resource center in early 1997. Shown here are the telephone, book cabinets, and computer. The troop library has numerous merit badge books, purchasing catalogs groups by category, and a bound brochure library for various day trips and special activities such as historical trails, ski trips, etc.
The 1997 acquisition of a computer was made possible by Martin Cottingham, the president of our troop Alumni Association. He was the driving force in raising funds for the creation of all aspects of the Scout Center and is hard at work raising fund for the acquisition of a passenger van. The printer is a combination copier, printer, fax machine and scanner and the troop will have online capabilities in December, 1997. computer
officeback As seen in this photo, the rear wall of the office has a significant amount of shelf space, under which are 2 desks for individual use. Sealed into the desk is a New York State (and vicinity) map, used for planning the routes to camping trips and other activities.