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This is the view from the main entrance as you walk in. As you can see there is a mainstorage closet in the center background and the patrol corners to the right. The United States Flag is posted at the place of honor by our fireplace which was a gift from the super-Scouter Norm Ginsberg.
The center piece of the Scout Center is the fireplace. No it’s not real but which a set of ceramic logs and sterno burning in it and you would never know the difference. It is made from Two hundred and thirty seven (237) rocks from Rock Hill Scout Reservation and was built completely by Scouts and Scouters in 1992. It is dedicated to all the member who helped to build the Scout center and is the focal point for opening and closing ceremonies, switching of service patrol and program patrol, individual and patrol recognition and other ceremonies. The Scout and patrol of the month and Scout of the Year are recognized on the plaques on its wall. fireplace
mainroom1 This photo shows the office entrance (large glass door) to the left and the large shop door to the right. There are various displays throughout the room. Most easily noted here are the neckerchief collection on the beam and a patch display on the ceiling. Will your council service patch be the only one missing from the display here?
This view from the farthest patrol corner shows the Main Scout Room including the kitchen counter, the office entrance, fireplace and shop. The main room is about twenty four by thirty feet. mainroom4
compasstable One of the training tools created specifically for the Scout Center is this map and compass training area. On it are all the essentials for map and compass use including map symbols, contour lines model, compass parts, map colors, variation for the continental United States and more. It’s fun and it’s learning.
Mounted onto the ceiling is this five foot diameter constellation chart. It depicts all the named stars and constellations in the northern hemisphere and it rotates to account for time of year and location. It’s no substitute for the real beauty of the heavens seen from a field at camp but it works even on overcast days in the city and it glows in the dark! constellations