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The Fitness Center, a recent addition to the Scout Center, was previously two antiquated storage rooms. Construction began in November of 1996 and was completed in January of 1997. The use of mirrors in the fitness center make it appear large and makes a Scout (or Scouter!) more aware of their own physical fitness.

Shown here a two stair climbers, a rowing machine and treadmill. The mirrors to the left actually are sliding doors to a closet where program instructional equipment bins are kept. The built in cabinets will eventually house CB, HAM and short-wave radios bases when funds become available. fitnessback
fitnessaudio Like all elements of the center, it has multiple uses. Shown here is the photo lab and sound system. The photo lab has black & white and color capabilities and also has built in slide viewing light boxes. To the left is the sound system for the center and television. It is a goal to have computer video editing capability at the center by the year 2001.
fitnessphoto This view shows (left to right) a complete view of the photo lab, the shower, and climbing wall. The accordion door at the extreme left is the entrance to a large storage closet which also house the training equipment bins for Scout Program training.
In the foreground you can plainly see the heavy bag and ski machine but that gray wall in the background is actually a climbing training wall. Though it is only 7 feet high, it is useful for teaching the techniques of climbing and rappelling to older Scouts prior to going out to a climbing or rappelling site. The troop has three certified C.O.P.E. Directors (two staff the BSA National Camping School C.O.P.E. Section) and several qualified C.O.P.E. instructors. fitnesscorner
fitnessfront Another view of the climbing wall. Also seen is a universal weight machine the use of which is restricted to older Scouts and weight levels monitored. The twelve points of the Scout Oath are in raised wood letters on the woodwork trim on the top. Also seen is an overhead ladder which beside being a great fitness tool also is the attachment point for pulleys when showing the use of belay lines.
A closeup view of the climbing wall. Note the finger and foot grips which make an excellent tool for training and getting comfortable with the proper techniques before doing the real thing. Even though the wall is only seven foot high, belay lines are always used to get climbers and rappellers to make safety a non-negotiable habit. rappellwall
shower A shower was installed in the fitness center not so much for the users of the fitness center, but more so when our whole Scout Center is used to lodge troops visiting New York City. The Scout Ranks on the curtain are the work of Terry Mason formerly of our Troop Committee.

Many thanks go to the dedicated Scouts and Scouters who gave countless hours to the Fitness Center's construction: Philip McKenna, Robert Hubner, Brian McDermott, Michael, Nick and Mike Trovato, John Petrie, Joe and Mark Amatrucola, Michael Clarke, Mark Hubner, Arthur and Jeff Homan, Robert McDermott, Steven Sicilia, Martin Maher and John Maher. Special thanks goes to Rev. Dennis Farrell, former pastor of Holy Name Church, and Fr. Gary Rogers, our current pastor and landlord who have and constantly support Scouting. Assisting not only our own troop, Holy Name provides facilities and resources to the council and entire Scouting movement.