Troop 237 Vigil Honor Members

Anthony Pinnavaia, Sr.
Legend Keeper
October, 1971

Stuart Nemkowitz
One Who Does Good Work
October, 1974

Robert Ponzo
Achipiquon Netapolis
Musical Warrior
October, 1981

Msgr. Anthony Marchitelli
Kichkinet Witschingen
Guiding Hands
November, 1987

Robert McDermott
One Who Advocates Our Cause
October, 1990

Martin Maher
Pakantschiechen Achowalogen
One Who Accomplishes Difficult Tasks
October, 1991

Roger Gaitan
One Who Has Proven True
October, 1992

Thomas Lemme
Meteu Lauchsoheen
Doctor Who Heals With Laughter
October, 1993

Joseph Amatrucola
Kichkican Takachsin
Marked Leader
October, 1995

Mark Amatrucola
Takan Sakima
The Other Chief
October, 1995


Keith Gilbride
Gischitehen Wtchitchank
Determined Spirit
May, 1996

Anthony Pinnavaia, Jr.
Lekhammen Leke
One Who Writes The Truth
May, 2000

Colin Pinnavaia
One Who Carries The Burden
May, 2000

Ian Pinnavaia
Takan Pakantschiechen Achowalogen
The Other Who Accomplishes Difficult Tasks
May, 2000


Phillip Caputo
Nagatamen Nimat
Brother Who Can Be Relied Upon
May, 2002

Anthony Caputo
Nuwingi Allogagan Lakeyu
Willing Servant of the Circle
May, 2008