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Trail to Eagle
Justin Taylor Anderson


When you see an Eagle soaring in the air,
Please remember the work, determination, and help it took to get it there.

Remember that it was its parents and teachers that helped it to leave its nest,
And that it takes determination to start each new quest.

Remember that it needs its friends whenever things get rough,
And that it leans on them whenever things get tough.

Remember that it takes work and support from friends of all types and age;
Especially in a book called life, when you need to turn a page.

An Eagle isn't afraid to ask for help or a spotter when it things it might fall,
And an Eagle doesn't let its ego get too big or too tall.

With all these expectations and rules in mind,
An Eagle must always be considerate and kind.

We would like to thank our mothers, our fathers, our families, our teachers, our fellow scouts, our friends...
All those in regard that we hold so high,

We thank you for helping us to spread our wings and fly.