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mainroom6 Shown here are patrol corners that were created for each of four patrols. They contain storage space for equipment, program supplies and have a bulletin board to post events, duty rosters etc. Note the wood patrol medallions on the woodwork above.
Here is a close up view of one patrol corner right after a new paint job. Patrol are free to decorate their corner in any way approved by the patrol leaders council. Patrol equipment is kept in the foot lockers (which double as seats) and cabinets built in and is accessible only to the Patrol and the Quartermaster. The equipment is checked several times a year and patrol are responsible for keeping it in good repair. patrolcorner
coffeestation Since the Windsor Terrace Scout Center serves as a conference and meeting room and a hospitality center a small kitchen area was needed. This was added to the center in early 1997 and is equipped with a small refrigerator, counter space, storage cabinets and a range hood. A coffee machine and microwave are on loan until fund become available to permanently install them along with an electric range top. Windsor Terrace Scout Center coffee mugs and glasses will also be available in the future.
This view depict our "Quartermaster’s Store" window and the entrance to the shop. The displays seen are the Scouts of the World post card collection from the 1969 World Jamboree on the shop wall, the troop neckerchief collection and Norman Rockwell plate collection on the ceiling beam, and the patrol leader council pictures on the closet door. mainroom3
mainroom5 This is the main display area for our Scout museum. Troop 237 was founded in 1920 by Herman ("Chic") Bunghartz (believe it or not) and displayed in this case are various Scout artifacts including uniforms from former Scoutmasters. The right hand case will display various rank patches from different Scout periods as our collection expands and donations increase. The top panels show pictures of our present day Scouts in various memorable moments from activities.
These wood picture panels slide to the left to reveal white marker boards for instruction. The soffet above also conceals a projection screen for overhead, slide and video presentations. Flip chart brackets can also be pulled down. whiteboards
oacorner "Order of the Arrow Corner" has various displays including sashes from various periods, Native American headdresses and costumes, and various OA memorabilia. A plaque bearing the name of each chief of Shu Shu Gah Lodge is kept there and an ever growing display of Order of the Arrow Lodge Flaps. Will your Lodge flap be the only one not on display?